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Hey, this is Jill. I can't be reached right now, so if this is an emergency call, try my private line if you have it. Anyone else, leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.
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+ Saturday Cartoon Meme: Jill and Samus Aran hero up against archvillain Azula.
+ Apocalypse Meme: Jill and Samus hero up some more, now complete with sexiery suits and angst!
+ Absolute Obedience Meme: Sync tracks Jill down and is a jerk. Not much new here. :|
+ Final Battle Meme: Samus beats chapter 5-3 without a partner.
+ Story of Us Meme: Jill's relationships always start off on the wrong foot, including this one with Eliot Spencer.
+ The Internet Meme: Jill and Chris catch up over AIM and WHAT ARE ALL THESE FEELS. And John is a snooping boyfriend, what.
+ Slow-Dance Meme: Kida's a sweetheart, Zelos is... charming(?)... and Sync needs to gtfo.

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+ HAY MYSTIQUE HAY. No more sucker-shot allusions, plz.
+ GTFO, Vlad. >|
+ o hey Jill your boyfriend's back. Baby is she glad to see you. ♥
+ NEMESIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS wtf what does it take to kill you.
+ A WILD ALICE APPEARS. Seriously, the films should take a lesson from this player; this is how a believable character should be. 'B|
+ John. John, why are there so many feels lately. What does this mean.
+ Ewwww Vlad again.
+ John wtf is with your love of the word "sentimental" -- oh wait maybe that's why. jellyyyyyyyy
+ Still hating Wesker -- not that she'll ever stop.


Jun. 22nd, 2012 04:36 pm
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Comments, questions, or criticism regarding how I play Jill? Let me have 'em! Anon-enabled, IP-logging off.


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