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Jill Valentine ([personal profile] flipkicking) wrote2012-11-10 11:30 pm

Fact Reference Sheet ([community profile] distantskies)

☣ Arrived in the city in early August 2012 real-world time, early April 2009 her time; in short, and for the sake of reference, her world is three years and four months behind our time. Or just four months, relatively speaking, because that's easier for me to track.
☣ Returned to the B.S.A.A. in August 2009 (December 2012 our time), officially ending her leave due to her 2006-2009 captivity.
☣ Owns a yellow female chocobo, Opal, from world 0118 (Final Fantasy IX).
☣ Received a dressphere from Shinra in world 0003 (Final Fantasy X-2). Detailed post on this will come later.
☣ Staying in room S36 when at the Observatory.
☣ Following her recent return to America, she's living alone in the ranch house of an old family friend in North Carolina.
☣ Is fully aware that the events surrounding the Mansion Incident constitute a video game in another world. :| Also, thinks "Resident Evil" is a stupid title.
☣ Has visited worlds 0003 (Final Fantasy X-2), 0009 (Old Kingdom Trilogy), 0118 (Final Fantasy IX), and 0121 (Kingdom Hearts).