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[OOC] Timeline for [community profile] dragonhaven

Intro post. Dropped in an awkward spot, Jill fends off attacking eagles before being helped by Lightning.

After a week of recovering, Jill addresses the community at large. Speaks with Allen Walker and Giselle, likes Mjrn, thinks Rydia is adorable, buddies up with Chandra Nalaar, ponders the dragons' intentions with Edgar Figaro, and finds some familiarity -- and maybe an opportunity -- in Helen Magnus.

Jill meets with Helen shortly after making the transition to Old City; formalities are exchanged, and Jill ultimately gets the P30 device removed.

Jill helps out Tifa Lockhart regarding starting up a bar.

Sympathetic of Rasler's state when he arrives, Jill does her best to comfort him.

Because Dante can never be a simple matter, Jill meets him and a demon fight quickly follows.

Helen returns from crystal stasis.

Jill greets newcomer Red.

Conversing with dragons is a new thing, so Jill might as well start. Even if it means answering Veles' odd questions.

Jill greets newcomer Anders.

Jill gets affected by her first event -- and thinks she's Tidus' mom. All sorts of cuteness and whoops, she might have broken Yuna's brain.

The event ends, much to Jill's unexpected sadness. She meets with Tidus to talk, buddies up with Hawke and Terra, and possibly plots with Dante, who can tell?

Jill would gladly trade Halloween costumes with Helen. :|

Isamu Wakahisa is setting up a faulty teleportation system and needs volunteers. Jill's willing to take a chance.

Jill gets a canon update, finally. Helen and Ruby are concerned, Jill is mostly happy that Wesker is dead.

Dante's been captured? And his father and brother are here, too? Obviously, Jill is only surprised by any of this because she hasn't known him that long.

Dante turns up mostly all right and Jill has a soft spot okay. :T

Naoto Shirogane arrives, Jill greets.

Saleh talks about great power and great responsibility and all that.

Connor Kenway arrives and kind of tests Jill's patience because she's tired of dumb men acting like injuries don't kill people why are you people like this God.

Jill makes a PSA because of Connor and makes a rather successful attempt to round people up for her cause. In short, Haven n00bs need more help.

Dean Winchester. Just, Dean Winchester.

Animal event! Jill is a puma whyyyy and meets up with wolf!Red.

Anita Blake questions the community about the undead; naturally, Jill talks.

Okay, someone's seriously tired of the lingering puma memories. :| Gilbert and Riza are helpful, with the latter apparently recruiting a recon team on the dragons, while Dante is a troll and Anita wonders about the events.

Jill runs into Legolas, who's just arrived in the Havens.

Dean brings up the Dying Lands issue; Jill sets the past aside and offers help, and then talks with Terra on the same matter.

Jill is just so helpful; she also offers to assist Helen in any way she can at the precinct.

Yuna reports that Tidus is missing.

Meja is looking for gun lessons; Jill feels generous.

Arya "Arry" Stark arrives and Jill does what she can to comfort her him with an explanation and advice.

Newcomer Guy of Gisbourne is lost in a desert and not very good at directions.

Distress signal in the form of a dying Edward Elric arriving in the Havens -- Jill rushes to help him and gets assistance from Nico.

Fourth wall event! Jill talks with Ed for the first time since his recovery and finally meets Souji in person.

Jill is just not into you, Jack Sparrow.

Lara Croft arrives battered; Jill helps her out.

Meja training is go!

PSA part 2 -- Jill reports the completion of Phase 1 of her safehouses, getting support from Terra and Helen. She meets Shadow the Hedgehog, offers to help Isaac Acker get a job, and worries over Dante and his recent outburst.

Jill and Souji discuss the Dying Havens issue.


Adell's leading an anti-slavery movement, so Jill naturally offers her assistance.

Tanis is homesick or something.

Connor's throwing a party? Well, his town is. Count Jill in either way.

Alistair Theirin warns everyone to stay away from the Darkspawn, and naturally Jill offers to help wipe them out.

Riley Samson arrives.

Jill posts her thoughts on crystal stasis; Zegram, Helen, and Serah all offer their input, and Shadow comes off a bit shifty. Shiftier, rather.

Shadow is curious about circumstances of arrival and Jill decides to be honest with hers.

Nate Drake arrives.

Isaac's throwing a party, too? Jill attends, only to get fed on for her trouble. But not before some bonding of sorts.

Jill attends Connor's party next and more bonding is had. "Arry" is doing well, too.

Helen reports the bank robbery in Old City.

Manikin fighting like a boss. Meja, Isaac, and Dante check up on her; Shadow and Iorveth each provide back-up.

Connor announces that Arry's missing. Parental-ish concerns all around or something.

Ed's back! So he and Jill make plans to meet up.

See? Everyone cares when it's a dragon getting killed. Not good.

Following Ed's return, Jill meets up with him at her place to catch up and discuss his dragon-pursuing plans.

Connor leads a discussion on dragons.