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[OOC] Timeline for [community profile] distantskies (COMPLETE)

Intro post. After taking the soul-divide rather well -- compared to some -- Jill exchanges world details with Nick Kontellis and Dave Strider, is mothered into eating well by Amaterasu, meets her first Andalite in Lirem, has a friendly chat and possibly makes world-hopping plans with Ciara Donnelly, and finds Ryuutaros amusing.

Jill talks languages (pun not intended? is that a pun?) with James Watson.

What are Weeping Angels even. Not sure, but explosives sound useful.

Nhadala's September report. Jill is a little bossy regarding security measures in the city.

Newcomer Ahsoka Tano is... a Jedi. Didn't see that coming.

Jill is curious about medical advancements in other worlds, so she asks the community at large about it. She talks it up with Amon before agreeing to show him around in her world, is intrigued by Ienzo's mention of healing magic, and chats a while with a few others, including Lea before making plans with him not a date.

Newcomer Sefton Lowell needs some advice on... being a newcomer.

FOURTH-WALL ALERT: thank you, Nick, for shattering Jill's reality by telling her that the worst parts of her life are a video game series. /applause.gif

Sabriel asks for recruits to help fight off the Dead, and naturally Jill volunteers.

After much thought, Jill contacts Christina de Souza to offer her services as a field agent for the Company. The two meet up in world 0118 to investigate the black mages. Jill leaves with a chocobo egg.

Lea makes good on his offer to show Jill around his world. Chocobo intel is go.

Jill contacts Father Vasquez with regards to mandatory Sunday Mass.

Time for Nhadala's monthly report; Jill requests a teleport pad.

Loki is curious about other worlds and Jill's willing to humor him.

Seriously Richelle how shallow can you be. :|

Jill questions the network for Chocobo info. She gets to know Raven, receives a name suggestion from Christina, and talks a while with Sephiroth before summoning him over.

Y2K was all hype. Seriously.

Approached by the angel Lailah, Jill gets caught up in the beginnings of an enormous divide.

More newcomer greetings when Gabriel Knight arrives.

Jill addresses the network regarding the possibility of trade. Nhadala's interested, and plans are made to teach Octavo some self-defense.

Party in Spira! Jill meets Raven in-"person" for the first time, talks business with Nhadala, and obtains a dressphere before discussing them with Sefton and trying to boost his confidence.

Jill finally meets someone who knows of bioterrorism and its evil ways: Nomi Sunrider. Serious talks are serious and possible potential for a future team-up.

Oswin Oswald wanders the Observatory and Jill gives her a welcome.

The one and only Tony Stark, ladies and gentleman. Once a player, always a player.

Misha Hunt is curious about other worlds, so Jill obliges.

Steve's looking for a training partner and Jill is crazy and tough enough to volunteer.

Father Jose assigns investigations in his plan to root out Asriel's spies.

Scout inquires about the field agent job.

Jacoby sends out a call for help because zombies? Jill goes to his rescue and finds Oswin also stranded in her world.