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Jill Valentine ([personal profile] flipkicking) wrote2012-08-16 12:24 am
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[OOC] Dæmon info ([community profile] distantskies)

Name: Deke

Gender: Male

Form: Meerkat

Height: 12 inches

Weight: 2 pounds

Personality: Being Jill's spiritual counterpart, Deke shares most of her personality but essentially embodies some of her lesser-known characteristics. He's more sarcastic than she generally is, and speaks his mind just as much as she does -- often against Jill herself, if he feels her choices are poorly made. In that sense, he's often her outspoken conscience when it comes to her own well-being.

As is the case with many dæmons, Deke's the one to look to when trying to discern what Jill is actually feeling; she might be pretty talented when it comes to minimizing visible tics and body language, but he's not always as stoic.

While chatty enough with other dæmons, Deke doesn't often address people other than Jill, but has no hesitation or issue with doing so.

Additional notes: At all times, he's almost constantly in physical contact with Jill in some form or another; rarely are they not touching, let alone out of arm's reach of one another. This goes back to her post-P30 issues because everything goes back to that with regards to her paradoxical feelings about contact -- namely, Deke's the one "person" Jill can touch or be touched by without instinct kicking in. Going back further, this also reflects on how Jill had no one to rely on other than herself for those three years with Wesker; with her body and mind manipulated by him, her soul was the only thing he didn't mar in some fashion. As a result, Jill and Deke share a stronger-than-normal protectiveness towards one another.